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Our factory
The factory of Shenzhen Chuangli Technology Co., Ltd. is the core of our excellent quality and production efficiency. Our factory has modern production facilities and an efficient production team dedicated to satisfying customers' needs.
1. Factory facilities:
Production Workshop: Our production workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment, including automated production lines and precision machinery. These devices can effectively improve production efficiency and ensure product consistency and quality.
2. Warehousing and logistics:

We have modern warehousing facilities for storing raw materials and finished products. Our logistics team coordinates the shipment and distribution of products to ensure on-time delivery.
3. Production capacity:
Our factories are equipped with high production capacity to meet the needs of large-scale orders. We continuously optimize the production process to adapt to changes in market demand.
We adopt a flexible production plan and can customize production according to the specific needs of customers, including different specifications and customized products.
4. Quality control:
We attach great importance to quality control, and all products are strictly inspected and tested. We employ advanced quality control processes to ensure that each product meets the highest standards.
Our quality team oversees quality control during production and ensures that products undergo a thorough quality check prior to delivery.
5. Production process:
Our production process starts from the procurement of raw materials, through processing and assembly, and finally finished products.
We use sustainable production methods with an emphasis on environmental protection and resource conservation. We strive to reduce waste generation and improve resource utilization.
Our factory is one of the guarantees of Chuangli Technology's excellent quality. We are committed to continuously improving production capacity and quality standards to meet customer needs and maintain competitiveness.
If you have any questions about our factory or production process or need further understanding, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to sharing more information about our factory with you.

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Whether selecting a current product fromour catalog or seekingengineering assistance for your application, you can talk to our customerservice center about your sourcing requirements.Our experienced staff members are always available to discuss yourrequirements and ensure full customer satisfaction




Dedicated and Professional Technical team for global market OEM 12 years of OEM/ODM experience of industrial monitor High standard quality control Professional Sales and Service system manufacturer Team for global market


OEM (Original Design Manufacturer)
OEM is when one company is responsible for manufacturing another company's products, usually with designs and specifications provided by the latter. The main responsibility of OEM manufacturers is to produce, assemble and mark products according to customer requirements. These products are usually re-branded with the client and sold in the market.

Key OEM features include:
1. Production capacity: OEM manufacturers usually have advanced production capacity and technology to ensure that products are produced according to customer requirements.
2. On-Demand Manufacturing: They manufacture products to customer orders and usually do not sell products under their own brand name.
3. Customer brand: Products are usually branded with the customer's brand to meet customer needs.
4. Customers provide design and specifications: Customers usually provide product design, specifications and requirements, and OEM manufacturers are responsible for actual production.


ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)
ODM means that a company not only manufactures products, but also provides product design and research and development services. Customers can choose existing ODM products and customize them, or entrust ODM manufacturers to design and manufacture new products according to their requirements.
Key features of ODM include:
1. Design and manufacturing capabilities: ODM manufacturers not only provide manufacturing capabilities, but also product design and R&D capabilities.
2. Customization: Customers can customize existing products according to their own needs, or entrust ODM manufacturers to design brand new products.
3. Diversity: ODM manufacturers usually provide a variety of ready-made products for customers to choose from, so as to meet different market needs.
4. Usually have private label: Some ODM manufacturers also sell their own brand products in the market, and also provide customized services.



Shenzhen Chuangli Technology Co., Ltd. factory production line 0Shenzhen Chuangli Technology Co., Ltd. factory production line 1


We have a complete production line,advanced testing equipment, professional and experienced production and quality inspection personnel to ensure product quality


Our R&D Team
At Shenzhen Chuangli Technology Co., Ltd., our R&D department is one of the keys to the company's continued growth and success. We have a passionate team with broad expertise, committed to driving technological innovation and product excellence.


team member
Our R&D team is made up of outstanding engineers, designers and scientists with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. This includes:
R&D Manager: Responsible for leading the team, formulating R&D strategies and project management.
Hardware Engineer: Focus on hardware design, circuit board development and system integration.
Industrial designer: Focus on product appearance, user experience and human-computer interaction design.
Research Scientists: Work on cutting-edge technology research and innovative projects.


Responsibilities and Missions
The main responsibilities of our R&D team include:
Product Innovation: Develop new products and solutions to meet changing market needs.
Quality and reliability: To ensure the quality, reliability and durability of the product, it has undergone rigorous testing and verification.
Technology leadership: Explore new technologies to ensure that our products maintain a competitive advantage in technology.
Customization: Work with clients to tailor products and solutions to their specific needs.
Sustainable innovation: focus on sustainable development, and develop environmental protection and energy-saving technologies.


innovation and excellence
Our R&D team is driven by innovation and constantly strives for excellence. We encourage team members to come

up with new ideas and provide them with support and resources to push the frontiers of technology.


contact us
If you are interested in our R&D department or innovative projects, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to sharing our innovations with our partners and customers, and together shaping the technological world of tomorrow.

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