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Latest company news about kiosk check in

The user interface of practical products should be safe, easy to operate, and intuitive.
2. The appearance shape, lines, proportion, and color should give a pleasing and pleasing feeling. This mainly evaluates the product's appeal to customers. For example, is the product attractive? Is it exciting? Can owning a product bring pride to customers?
3. The design of the product that is easy to maintain must be easy to maintain and repair.
The form and characteristics of low-cost products have a significant impact on the production costs of processing equipment and products.
5. The design of communication products should fully express the design concept through visual characteristics.
6. Product differentiation mainly evaluates the uniqueness of the product and its consistency with the corporate image. Products with stable markets and mature technologies largely rely on industrial design to create differentiation.
7. Environmental issues require the design of creating diverse values for people to prioritize efforts to ensure that these values are always harmonious and coordinated within the context of humanity, society, and the environment, and to strive to find their common domain. Only in this way can industrial design truly serve society.

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