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Self-service hotel terminal


Latest company news about Self-service hotel terminal

Self-service hotel terminal is a self-service device used in the hotel industry. Its purpose is to simplify the check-in, check-out and other service processes for hotel guests and provide a more convenient customer experience. The following is
Some common functions and introductions of self-service hotel terminals:

1. Self-service check-in and check-out: Guests can use self-service terminals to complete check-in and check-out procedures without waiting for help from front desk staff. They can enter their reservation information, verify their identity, pay for their room, and get their room card or electronic key.


2. Room selection: Some self-service terminals provide room floor plans, allowing guests to choose the room they like. This increases guest engagement and enables them to cater to their needs and preferences.


3. Payment and settlement: Guests can use the terminal to pay room fees, deposits and other fees. This can usually be done via credit card, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc.


4. Information inquiry: Terminals usually provide information about hotel facilities, services, nearby attractions and restaurants. Guests can use them to get the information they need.


5. Language selection: Self-service terminals usually support multiple languages to accommodate the needs of international customers.


6. Printing service: Guests can use the terminal to print invoices, receipts and other important documents.


7. Customer support: Some terminals have online customer support functions. Guests can communicate with hotel staff in real time through the terminals to solve problems or make special requests.


8. Save time and human resources: Self-service terminals can reduce the workload of front desk staff, allowing them to focus on handling more complex issues while providing 24-hour uninterrupted service.


9. Security: Terminals usually have security measures to ensure that guests’ personal information and payment information are protected.


10. User-friendliness: Designers often take user-friendliness into consideration to ensure that terminals are easy to operate, even for guests who are not familiar with technology.

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