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Cinema Card Payment Ticket Vending Machine Automatic Dispenser

Cinema Card Payment Ticket Vending Machine Automatic Dispenser

Card Payment Ticket Vending Machine

Cinema Ticket Vending Machine

Touchscreen Fare Vending Machine

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Product Details
Accepted Payment:
Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Operating System:
Windows, Android
Printing Method:
Biometric, PIN
Ticket Type:
Paper, Magnetic
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Product Description

Cinema Card Payment Ticket Vending Machine Automatic Dispenser Touch Screen Display Payment Kiosk



1.Barcode Scanner: It is used to scan the barcode or QR code on the ticket, so as to quickly read the

ticket information or perform ticket verification.


2.Dot Matrix Printer: Used to print ticket purchas e documents, such as tickets or receipts. Dot matrix printers 

are usually slower, but can print multiple copies.


3.Thermal Printer : Used to print ticket purchase vouchers, such as tickets or electronic tickets.

Thermal printers print fast, have high quality, and don't require ink, and are usually used for high-quality receipt printing.


4.Printer Auto-cutter: Automatically cuts printed tickets or receipts to make them easier to distribute to users.


5.Credit Card Reader: Used to read the information on the user's credit card and complete the payment transaction.


6.Coin Acceptor and Bill Acceptor: Used to receive and verify coins and banknotes input by users to complete cash payments.


7.NFC Reader : Used to support Near Field Communication, users can use NFC-enabled mobile payment services (such as mobile payment) to pay.


8.ID card reader: used to read and verify the user's ID card information for identity verification or to provide specific ticketing benefits.




Computer CPU Intel core I3/I5/I7
SSD 64G/128G
Interface 6* RS232 Ports;6*USB Ports,1*10/100M Net Port
Touch Screen Screen Size 32"
Screen Type Pcap 10 points
Resolution 4096x4096
Monitor Screen Size 27"/32“
Brighness 300cd/m2
Contrast 3000:1
Resolution 1920*1080
Cabinet Material Cold-rolled Metal with1.0mm~1.5mm thickness
Coating Oil painting/Powder coated
Color and Logo Support customized color or customer LOG
Card Reader Card Type Magnetic card/IC Card/RF Card
Bill Acceptor Brand MEI/ Cashcode/ ITL/ ICT/JCM
Capacity 600Pcs/1000Pcs/1500Pcs/2200Pcs
Thermal Printer Print speed Max:250mm/s
Auto-cut Included
Resolution 203dpi(8dots/mm)
Width of Paper 60mm/80mm/120mm
Barcode scanner Brand Newland/Honeywell/ Motorola
Type 1D & 2D
O/S windows/Linux/Android
Package Standard Export Packing
Other Pripheral Devices Coin Acceptor/UPS/WIFI/Webcam/Note Dispenser



1.Autonomy: Self-service ticket vending machines allow users to complete the ticket purchase process independently without relying

on service personnel. Users can independently choose ticket types, seats and payment methods according to their own needs and time.


2.User-friendly: Self-service ticket vending machines usually provide an intuitive user interface and an easy-to-operate touch screen to facilitate

user selection and input. They are usually designed to be clean and simple, providing clear guidance and making it easy for users to complete

the ticketing process.


3.Fast and convenient: Through the self-service ticket vending machine, users can quickly complete the ticket purchase process,

avoiding the time of waiting in line. The ticketing process can be completed within minutes, providing a faster ticketing experience.


4.Versatility: Self-service ticket vending machines usually support multiple ticketing services, such as movie tickets, bus tickets, train tickets,

etc. Users can complete different types of ticket purchases through the same machine, providing a wider range of choices and convenience.


5.Real-time: The self-service ticket vending machine can obtain the latest ticket information and update in real time by connecting to the

Internet. This ensures users receive accurate and timely ticketing information such as fare changes, seat availability and show times.


6.Security: Self-service ticket vending machines typically employ security measures such as encrypted communications,

user authentication, and fraud prevention features. This helps protect users' personal and payment information and ensures the security of the ticketing process.


7.Cost saving: Self-service ticket vending machines can reduce manpower requirements and reduce operating costs. They can replace traditional

ticket windows, reduce the input of human resources, and are relatively simple to maintain and update, which can reduce the cost

of technical support and repair.


Here are some common application scenarios:

1.Movie theater: Self-service ticket vending machines are common in movie theaters. Users can use self-service ticket vending machines to select seats,

purchase movie tickets, and print ticket purchase vouchers.


2.Public transportation: Self-service ticket vending machines are widely used in public transportation systems, such as subways,

buses and train stations. Users can purchase tickets using self-service ticket vending machines and choose from different fare and seat options.


3.Concerts and sports venues: In venues such as large-scale concerts, music festivals and sports events, self-service ticket vending

machines can provide fast ticket sales and voucher printing services, reducing the time for people to wait in line.


4.Tourist Attractions: In places such as tourist attractions and museums, self-service ticket vending machines can provide tourists

with the convenience of purchasing tickets, choosing visiting time and printing admission vouchers.


5.Theaters and performance venues: In theaters and performance venues, self-service ticket vending machines can provide

users with the services of purchasing performance tickets, selecting seats and obtaining tickets.


6.Self-service points: Self-service ticket vending machines can also be used in various self-service points, such as self-service parking lots,

self-service libraries, self-service express delivery and other scenarios, to provide corresponding ticket purchase or voucher printing services.


These scenarios are only part of the application fields of self-service ticket vending machines. In fact, self-service ticket vending machines can be applied

to any occasion where tickets need to be purchased to provide fast, convenient and efficient services

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