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Indoor Self Ordering Kiosk with Android OS and 1920X1080 Resolution

Indoor Self Ordering Kiosk with Android OS and 1920X1080 Resolution

Indoor Self Ordering Kiosk

Android OS Self Ordering Kiosk

1920X1080 Resolution Self Ordering Kiosk

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Product Details
Operating System:
Touch Screen:
Capacitive Touch 10 Point
Desktop Wall Mounted Floor Stand
21.5/23.8/27/32 INCH
Ticket Printing QR Scanner RFID Reader
Custom Customer's Logo
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L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Product Description

Product Description:

Self Ordering Kiosk - Product Overview

The Self Ordering Kiosk is a cutting-edge self service kiosk designed to streamline the ordering process for customers. With advanced features such as ticket printing, QR scanning and RFID reading, this kiosk offers a convenient and efficient solution for businesses in the food and retail industry.



The Self Ordering Kiosk offers three main functions: Ticket Printing, QR Scanning and RFID Reading. This allows customers to easily place their orders, pay for their purchases and receive their items without the need for human assistance.



The kiosk boasts a high resolution of 1920X1080, ensuring clear and crisp display of menus, products and payment options.



Customization is key for businesses and the Self Ordering Kiosk allows for custom customer logos to be displayed on the screen. This feature helps to promote brand identity and creates a professional and personalized experience for customers.



The Self Ordering Kiosk comes in four different sizes - 21.5/23.8/27/32 INCH - to suit the needs of various businesses. The compact design of the kiosk makes it easy to fit into any indoor environment, without taking up too much space.



The kiosk is designed for indoor use, making it suitable for a wide range of businesses such as restaurants, cafes, fast food chains, retail stores, and more. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their ordering process and improve customer satisfaction.


KFC Self Service Payment Kiosk

The Self Ordering Kiosk is the perfect solution for businesses like KFC, who are looking to provide their customers with a more convenient and efficient way to place their orders. With its ticket printing, QR scanning and RFID reading capabilities, customers can easily place their orders, pay for their purchases, and receive their items without having to wait in line or interact with a cashier.


  • Product Name: Self Ordering Kiosk
  • Touch screen: Capacitive Touch 10 Point
  • Function: Ticket Printing, QR Scanner, RFID Reader
  • Application: Indoor
  • Operating System: Android/Win7/8/10
  • Installation: Desktop, Wall Mounted, Floor Stand
  • Size: 32 inch
  • Type: Self pay service kiosk, self check-in kiosk, self-service kiosk, self-ordering kiosk, self-service ticketing kiosk

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Restaurant Self Ordering Kiosk
Function Ticket Printing, QR Scanner, RFID Reader
Touch Screen Capacitive Touch 10 Point
Size 21.5/23.8/27/32 INCH
Installation Desktop, Wall Mounted, Floor Stand
Logo Custom Customer's Logo
Resolution 1920X1080
Operating System Android, Win7/8/10
Application Indoor
1. Menu browsing: Customers can browse the menu through the touch screen and view dish introductions, prices and other information.
2. Order independently: Customers can choose the dishes and quantity they want by touching the screen.
3. Customized options: Customized options can be provided according to customer preferences, such as adding ingredients, removing specific ingredients, etc.
4. Payment function: Supports multiple payment methods, such as credit card, mobile payment, etc.
5. Order management: Customers can view placed orders and modify or cancel them.
6. Language selection: Support multiple languages to adapt to customers from different countries and regions.

1. Reduce waiting time: It can reduce the waiting time of customers during busy periods and improve dining efficiency.
2. Reduce labor costs: Reduce the number of manual waiters and save labor costs.
3. Reduce human errors: Direct operation by customers reduces ordering errors caused by human factors.
4. Increase sales: By recommending dishes, special offers, etc., you can promote the growth of sales.

Application scenarios:
Fast-food restaurants: Self-service ordering machines are especially suitable for fast-food restaurants, which can quickly handle large quantities of orders.
Restaurant: A self-service ordering machine can also be set up in the restaurant to provide a more personalized dining experience.
Cafe: Self-service ordering machines allow customers to choose coffee and snacks more freely.
Canteen: In corporate canteens or school canteens, self-service ordering machines can improve dining efficiency and reduce queuing time.

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