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Latest company news about self ordering kiosk machine

Here are some successful cases of self-service kiosks in the catering industry:
1. Eatsa: Eatsa is a fast food chain headquartered in the United States, dedicated to providing a healthy and fast self-service

dining experience. They use self-service kiosks to allow customers to choose their own menu, customize food, and then pick

up food through self-service pick-up counters. Eatsa's self-service kiosk provides an efficient and personalized ordering and

pick-up experience, which is popular among consumers.

2. Wow Bao: Wow Bao is an American fast food chain that specializes in providing Asian style buns and fast food. They adopted

a self-service ordering and pick-up method, where customers can choose a menu through a self-service kiosk, complete payment,

and obtain the ordered buns through the self-service pick-up counter. This self-service method provides customers with a convenient

and fast dining experience.

3. CaliBurger: CaliBurger is an international chain hamburger restaurant that offers customized burger choices through self-service

ordering terminals. Customers can choose the ingredients, flavors, and accessories for their burgers through self-service terminals,

and then pick up their customized burgers at the pick-up counter. This personalized self-service method provides more flexible and

personalized dining options.

4. McDonald's: The globally renowned fast food chain McDonald's has also started introducing self-service ordering terminals.

Customers can use self-service terminals to select menus, customize meals, and complete payment through the terminal.

This approach improves ordering efficiency, reduces customer queuing time, and provides a personalized ordering experience.

These cases demonstrate the successful application of self-service kiosks in the catering industry. Through self-service ordering

and pick-up terminals, the catering industry can provide a more convenient and personalized dining experience, reduce queuing time,

improve service efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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