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IR touch screen Restaurant Ordering Kiosk NFC Card Reader Display

IR touch screen Restaurant Ordering Kiosk NFC Card Reader Display

Touch Screen Restaurant Ordering Kiosk

Floorstanding Restaurant Ordering Kiosk

IR Touch Screen Food Ordering Kiosk

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Product Details
Touch Screen Type::
IR Touch Screen
Cash Payment Kiosk Main Function:
Working As Self-service Touch Screen Payment Kiosk Machine.
Checkout Payment Kiosk Usage:
Mainly For Indoor Use Self Service Payment Kiosk Machine.
Color On Payment Terminal Kiosk:
Optional And Customized As Demand
Power Supply:
110-120,220V-240V Or Optional
Optional Parts::
QR Code ,A4 Printer,electric Reader Card,camera,ic Card
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
L/C, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description

Self Checkout Machine Nfc Card Reader Display Stand Restaurant Ordering Kiosk


The self-service checkout machine is mainly composed of the following modules:

1.Touchscreen Display: This is the primary interface for users to interact with the self-checkout machine.

Users can select goods, enter payment information, etc. through the touch screen.


2.Scanner: used to scan the barcode or QR code of the product, and read the product information into the system.

Typically laser scanners or image scanners are used.


3.Item weighing module: If the self-checkout machine supports weighing items, it will include a load cell

and associated electronics to measure and calculate the weight of the item being weighed during the checkout process.


3.Payment module: used to accept payments from users. This may include cash acceptors, coin acceptors,

credit/debit card readers, mobile payment devices such as NFC technology, etc.


4.Printer: Used to print shopping receipts or receipts. It can print product list, price, payment method and other relevant information.

5.Data transfer module: used for data communication with the back-end system to obtain product information, update prices,

process payments, etc. This can be through a wired network connection (such as Ethernet) or a wireless connection

(such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth).Control Unit: Responsible for controlling the various components of the self-checkout machine,

coordinating the entire checkout process, and handling user input and system responses.




Computer CPU Intel core I3/I5/I7
SSD 64G/128G
Interface 6* RS232 Ports;6*USB Ports,1*10/100M Net Port
Touch Screen Screen Size 27"/32"
Screen Type Pcap 10 points
Resolution 4096x4096
Monitor Screen Size 27"/32“
Brighness 300cd/m2
Contrast 3000:1
Resolution 1920*1080
Cabinet Material Cold-rolled Metal with1.0mm~1.5mm thickness
Coating Oil painting/Powder coated
Color and Logo Support customized color or customer LOG
Card Reader Card Type Magnetic card/IC Card/RF Card
Bill Acceptor Brand MEI/ Cashcode/ ITL/ ICT/JCM
Capacity 600Pcs/1000Pcs/1500Pcs/2200Pcs
Thermal Printer Print speed Max:250mm/s
Auto-cut Included
Resolution 203dpi(8dots/mm)
Width of Paper 60mm/80mm/120mm
Barcode scanner Brand Newland/Honeywell/ Motorola
Type 1D & 2D
O/S windows/Linux/Android
Package Standard Export Packing
Other Pripheral Devices Coin Acceptor/UPS/WIFI/Webcam/Note Dispenser


Main advantages:

1.Touch screen display:
Provides an intuitive user interface, easy to understand and operate.
Be interactive, allowing users to select, enter, and navigate through touch.


Quickly and accurately scan product barcodes or QR codes.
Automatically import product information into the system to improve checkout speed and accuracy.


3.Payment module:
Provide a variety of payment options to facilitate users to pay according to their preferences and needs.
Speed up checkout and reduce waiting time in line.


Shopping receipts or receipts can be printed in real time, which is convenient for users to check purchases and serve as records.
Provide paper vouchers to facilitate return and exchange and after-sales service.


Self-service checkout machines have the following characteristics:

1.Autonomy: Self-service checkout machines allow customers to complete the shopping settlement process autonomously,

reducing dependence on shop assistants. Customers can choose products, scan barcodes, enter payment information, etc.,

providing a more independent and convenient shopping experience.


2.Rapidity: Self-service checkout machines can reduce manual operations and waiting time, and speed up checkout. Customers

can quickly scan the product barcode or enter the product number, and the system will automatically calculate the price and quantity,

saving a lot of time waiting in line.


3.Flexibility: Self-checkout machines usually support multiple payment methods, including cash, credit card, debit card, mobile payment, etc.

Customers can choose the appropriate payment method according to their preferences. This flexibility can meet the needs of different customers.


4.Accuracy: Self-checkout machines can accurately obtain product information and prices through barcode scanning and weighing technologies,

and automatically calculate the checkout amount. This reduces the possibility of human error and improves checkout accuracy.

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