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Indoor Restaurant Ordering Kiosk Desktop / Vertical / Wall-Mounted Install

Indoor Restaurant Ordering Kiosk Desktop / Vertical / Wall-Mounted Install

Desktop Install Restaurant Ordering Kiosk

Vertical Install Restaurant Ordering Kiosk

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Product Details
Touch Screen:
Capacitive Touch 10 Point
Desktop/ Vertical/ Wall-mounted
Product Name:
Self Service Kiosk Machine
Operating System:
Android/Windows 7/8/10
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description

Product Description:

1. Touch screen design: Most self-service ordering machines adopt a touch screen design, and users select menus and complete orders by touching the screen.
2. Overall structure: The shell is usually made of durable materials and has a simple and elegant design to adapt to the decorative styles of various restaurants and places.
3. Menu display: A bright and clear display screen displays dish pictures, names, descriptions and prices, providing intuitive menu information.
4. Payment equipment: Integrated payment equipment such as card readers and QR code scanners, supporting multiple payment methods.
5. Peripheral port: Some self-service ordering machines are designed with USB interfaces or other peripheral interfaces to support hardware expansion and upgrades.

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters Value
Product Name Self Service Kiosk Machine
Resolution 1920*1080P
Color customize
Installation Desktop/ Vertical/ Wall-mounted
Application Indoor
Touch Screen Capacitive Touch 10 Point
Operating System Android/Windows 7/8/10
Key Features Description
Product Name Self Service Kiosk Machine
Size 21.5-inch
Color customize
Resolution 1920*1080P
Touch Screen Capacitive Touch 10 Point
Installation Desktop/ Vertical/ Wall-mounted
Operating System Android/Windows 7/8/10
Application Indoor
Function Self-service ordering and payment kiosk


1. Menu browsing: Users can browse the complete menu through the touch screen and view dish details, prices and taste options.

2. Order independently: Users can choose dishes, adjust the quantity, and customize them according to their personal taste needs.

3. Order management: Provides the function of modifying and deleting selected dishes to ensure that users can freely adjust orders.

4. Voice navigation: Built-in voice prompts guide users through the ordering process, providing a more intuitive operating experience.

5. Payment process: Integrate multiple payment methods, such as credit card, Alipay, WeChat payment, etc., to simplify the checkout process.

6. Print receipts: Automatically print order receipts to facilitate users to check orders and use them for meal preparation in the kitchen and for waiters to pick up meals.


1. User-friendly: Designed with an intuitive, simple and easy-to-understand interface, allowing customers to complete the ordering process with ease.
2. Multi-language support: Supports multiple languages to adapt to user needs in different countries and regions.
3. Highly customizable: It can be customized according to the restaurant’s needs, including menus, interfaces, payment methods, etc.
4. Space saving: Self-service ordering machines are usually compact and can save space in restaurants, especially suitable for small places.
5. Real-time data update: The system can update menu and price information in real time to ensure that users get the latest dining options.


1. Improve efficiency: Self-service ordering machines can greatly improve the efficiency of ordering and checkout, and reduce manual operation time.
2. Reduce costs: Reduce the workload of waiters and reduce labor costs, especially suitable for high-traffic places.
3. Order accuracy: Processing orders through electronic systems reduces human errors and improves order accuracy.
4. Personalized experience: Users can order meals according to personal tastes and preferences to achieve a more personalized dining experience.
5.24-hour service: Self-service ordering machines can provide all-weather service, providing customers with more flexible dining times.


Application scenarios:
Fast food restaurants: Suitable for fast food restaurants that require fast service and high turnover rates, such as burger restaurants, pizza restaurants, etc.

Cafeteria: In the cafeteria, it is convenient for customers to choose and pay independently, improving overall service efficiency.

Coffee shop: Offers coffee, tea, snacks and other options, allowing customers to conveniently complete their orders through self-service.

Hotel buffet breakfast: Provide faster ordering service in the hotel's buffet breakfast area.

Airports and stations: Provide passengers with convenient and fast catering services in transportation hub areas.

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